Why TRS helping BJP and Congress in Dubbaka Bypolls?

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) being led by K Chandra Sekhar Rao are the clear favourites in the Dubbaka Bypolls but they have their own issues to sort out as the anti-TRS voices are finding their tone at a very wrong time for the ruling party. So, Harish Rao, who is said to be the master strategist and was given the responsibility of the Dubbaka Bypolls by KCR came up with a clever strategy.

It is being said that Harish Rao is indirectly funding both Congress and BJP. We can see a rise in support for both Congress and BJP at the same time and even Harish Rao stopped criticising Congress these days. All this reverse planning is to divide the anti-TRS votes. Poll pundits say that this is a clever strategy as both the parties will undercut the other and thus there would be a massive division in the anti-TRS votes.

Actually, the anti-TRS votes have to go Congress’ way but now, with TRS pitting BJP against the Congress, these votes may find their way to the Saffron Party which will be a massive advantage to the people in Pink. The BJP had got 16000 votes from Dubbak in 2013. If its vote tally needs to go up, it would only happen by dividing the anti- TRS votes.

The main aim of Harish Rao is to watch the anti-TRS voters flock to BJP and that’s why he is only focussing on attacking the BJP. That’s why he is called a master strategist for the TRS party.

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