Why KCR not at all considering High Court’s warning..?

Telangana Chief Minister KCR faced severe uproar in the initial days of the emergence of the COVID pandemic. The Telangana High Court warned the TRS supremo so many times about the tough time ahead to which KCR gave no ear and now it seems like the TG High Court lost all its patience.

It is known that the High Court has repeatedly erred in the attitude of the Telangana government towards corona tests, statistics, and reports in Telangana. The High Court had earlier expressed outrage that the Telangana Government had no respect for the courts and were underestimating the number of corona cases.

In this context, the High Court, which today heard several petitions related to corona statistics, treatment, and high bills in private hospitals, once again made harsh remarks against the KCR government. The High Court questioned the government as to why corona tests were reduced in Telangana and why Telangana was lagging behind other states. The court cited Maharashtra that has been doing more than 1 and a half lakh COVID tests daily and the KCR couldn’t keep up the promise of doing 40,000 thousand tests a day.

The High Court ordered the government to explain why the number of tests was reduced. They also questioned the government why the number of beds was not in line with the WHO standards, not even at least three beds per 1000 people, and why they were lagging behind other states. The High Court has directed that there be plans to increase the number of beds and oxygen beds in hospitals.

This is such a sad state in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in which the governments are repeatedly being warned, insulted, criticized, and humiliated by the judiciary bench and the former are not at all considering any kind of tone from the High Court. This is what happens when people trust a political party too much and gives them a majority in an unanimous fashion.

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