Why Are Everyone Avoiding ‘DJ Tillu 2’?

Ever since the sequel for ‘DJ Tillu’ has been announced, the movie has been staying in the news for all kinds of reasons. The special video of ‘Tillu Square’ got a superb response and there are high expectations on this film. Now, there is a lot of talk going on about the movie’s heroine.

As we know, they replaced Neha Shetty who did a great job as Radhika in ‘DJ Tillu’ and made it official that curly haired beauty Anupama Parameswaran is the female lead of this project. While people were curious to see how the pair looks on screen, recent rumours suggested that Anupama opted out of the project due to her busy schedule.

Glamorous beauty Neha Shetty was one of the major highlights of ‘DJ Tillu’, she looked stunning in the movie and pulled off the character with grey shades quite convincingly. But she is not part of ‘Tillu Square’. There are reports that North beauty Raashi Khanna was offered the role but she rejected it politely.

Though Anupama Parameswaran was named as the female lead, she also walked out of the movie for some reason. Many are wondering why all the heroines are rejecting the idea of acting in ‘Tillu Square’. While it is a happening project, there are reports that the female lead’s character in the second part is quite cunning and evil. While Neha Shetty’s character in the first part was loved by many, it did not help her career.

With the same type of character, the young heroines are not taking the risk of acting in a role with negative shades as per sources. Madonna Sebastian’s name is linked to the movie and insiders claim that it may not be beneficial for her career. Let us wait and see what happens.

Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinemas who produced the first part are bankrolling the second part too. ‘Tillu Square’ will be presented by Srikara Studios, and will be directed by Mallik Ram. Ram Miriyala, who’d originally composed and sung the title track of DJ Tillu, scores the music. Sai Prakash Ummadisingu cranks the camera for the project to be edited by Navin Nooli. AS Prakash is the art director.

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