What Is The Significance And History Of TDP Mahanadu?

All roads are now leading to Rajahmundry for the big occasion of the Telugu Desam Party’s annual event Mahanadu. Massive arrangements were made for the two-day event. Compared to the previous events, the upcoming Mahanadu is different as it is coming ahead of the much-awaited general elections in Andhra Pradesh which will be held next year.

The history of holding an annual event colliding the birthday of party founder-chief Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao has been going on since 1982, the year in which the grand old party was founded. As part of the event, the party leadership will direct the party leaders and activists on how they should go forward in implementing the ideas.

As the tradition of Mahanadu has been going on for around 40 years, many doubt what is the history and significance of the annual event and who gave the name of Mahanadu. Let us get into the details of such things.

A few years after floating the party, the leadership started holding Mahanadu every year. The first step in this happened in 1985. It is known that the Reddy community has been politically active and is a strong force in politics. For a very long time, the Reddy community has been with the Congress party.

However, a few leaders came out of the party and formed new parties including Reddy Congress. But the efforts did not pay off. Eventually, the parties were merged into the Congress in combined Andhra Pradesh. As part of the efforts, they held meetings to gather support.

Looking at this, the TDP leadership realized that an event should be held to cater to all the communities. Following this, the tradition of holding Mahanadu was started which is being followed to date. However, there are a few instances where the events were not held due to various conditions. The term Mahanadu talks about the magnanimity of the event BCs has been a strong vote bank of the party. In combined Andhra Pradesh, the party encouraged many leaders and a few of the Ministers in Telangana were once groomed by the party.

The emergence of the Telugu Desam Party changed the political picture in Andhra Pradesh and the Kamma community became a strong force in the state. In just nine months, NTR became the Chief Minister and even played his role in national politics.

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