Vanita Gupta creates history by becoming the first Indian-American to be US associate attorney gener

Noted Indian-American civil rights lawyer Vanita Gupta has created a history by getting appointed as the associate attorney general. Vanita Gupta is the first Indian-American to hold the office of associate attorney general.

The US Senate confirmed her appointment as associate attorney general. In the Department of Justice in the United States, the associate attorney general is the third-highest position.

The US Senate confirmed Vanita Gupta’s win after voting took place in the house. Vanita Gupta won by 51-49. The Republican Party and Democratic party have equal strength of 50 each in the house.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski voted in support of Gupta helping her in winning the position by one vote.

‘Congratulations to Vanita Gupta on making history as the first woman of colour to serve as associate attorney general. Now, I urge the Senate to confirm Kristen Clarke. Both are eminently qualified, highly respected lawyers who are dedicated to advancing racial equity and justice,’ United States President Joe Biden said after the voting.

Gupta was born and brought up in the Philadelphia area. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and Juris Doctor degree. She started her career at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund at the age of 28. She has a long career of fighting for civil rights.

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