Vadinamma Daily Serial – E494 – 2nd Mar

Show/Serial:Vadinamma Daily Serial
Starring:Prabhakar, Sujitha
Channel:Star Maa

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Vadinamma Daily Serial

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E494- Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 2nd Mar

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Recent Random Post:

‘Gaja Kesari’ Teaser Talk: Rocking Star Giving Us ‘Ong Bak’ Vibes!

February 27, 2021

After mesmerizing everyone with ‘KGF’, rocking star Yash is all set to amaze everyone with its continuation which is getting released in July. People are expecting the film to do wonders at the box-office and Prasanth Neel is quite confident about it.

In the meanwhile, Yash’s other film titled ‘Gaja Kesari’ is coming out and the teaser has been released recently. Going by the looks of it, the film is a grand scale entertainer and Yash did some impeccable stunts with an elephant. The film mixes social elements and fantasy which raises a lot of interest among the viewers. The film is going to be a high-octane action-thriller and some of the scenes involving the elephant remind us of the Hollywood film ‘Ong Bak’.

Amulya is the heroine in this film which released long back in Kannada. It is releasing with the same name in Telugu too and Krishna directed it. ‘Sree Vedakshara Cinemas’ and ‘Colours & Claps Entertainments’ banners are producing it.

Harikrishna is the music director while Deepu S Kumar is the editor. With an impressive teaser, let us see how the film turns out.