Undavalli’s Doubts On YCP,TDP Surreding BJP Got Bigger?

The recent Presidential polls showed us how much strength, the BJP has. The Union government managed to get support from all corners due to various reasons. Keeping the friendly parties aside, the other parties supported and voted for Droupadi Murmu. All these factors world in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Murmu emerged victorious in the polls with almost double the majority.

The recently held polls also became a good parameter to highlight the strength the saffron party has in Andhra Pradesh. One would wonder how the BJP has strength when it has no representation in the Assembly or Parliament from the state. However, the defected MPs are an exemption.

But it is true. Despite no representation, the Bharatiya Janata Party has managed to get support from the state. All the votes polled from the state were polled in favour of Droupadi Murmu which is strange. Both the ruling and opposition parties supported Murmu.

The strange thing is that YSRCP and Telugu Desam Party supported Murmu even before the BJP asked for it. Murmu said this at an event held in Andhra Pradesh. She said this while thanking the parties for the support she is getting.

YSRCP and TDP have their reasons behind supporting the BJP’s candidate. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has pending cases against him and the cases are being probed by the central agency, and many think that fearing the cases, Jagan supported Murmu. Not just supporting, YCP did not ask BJP to consider the demands of the state while supporting Murmu.

Coming to Telugu Desam Party, the grand old party made a big blunder by ending ties with the BJP before the 2019 polls. Not happy with that, the Delhi leadership of the BJP said that the roads to TDP are closed.

Realizing the mistake, the TDP is making quality efforts to make things better between Telugu Desam Party and Bharatiya Janata Party, and to say that it is ready to join hands with the ex-ally, the Telugu Desam Party extended its support to Murmu which is not called for.

Earlier, ex-Minister Undavalli Arun Kumar who has now turned political analyst wonders what made both parties comprise the state interests and support the BJP. His doubts got bigger now.

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