TS Additional Advocate General Reaches ED Office, What’s Up?

The central agencies are giving a special focus on the Delhi Liquor Scam. Not just the Central Bureau of Investigation, but the Enforcement Directorate is also digging deeper into the case and grilling the accused in the case. BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha appeared before the ED officers earlier today which marks the second questioning session.

The ED started the questioning earlier today and it is said that the questioning is going on for the last six hours. No one understands what the officers are trying to get information from the Chief Minister’s daughter.

Now everyone wants to know what happens next in the case as the Advocate General for the Telangana government, lawyers Bharat and Gandra Mohan reached the ED office allegedly. The trio heading to the ED office raised many eyeballs.

Earlier today, when Kavitha went to the ED office, her husband gave her a send-off and supported her. Now the AG and lawyers representing her are headed to the ED office. Earlier the lawyers said they will take the next step after the Supreme Court gives its verdict.

However, Kavitha appeared before the ED office today. All eyes are on the MLC to know what happens next. After she skipped the ED questioning earlier, many media outlets said that there are chances of her getting arrested.

Adding fuel to this, AG and lawyers went to the ED office. Earlier reports say that the ED might have confronted Kavitha along with Hyd-based businessman Ramachandra Pillai in the case. Now the AG and others went to the office.

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