Top Tollywood Couple Addicted To Casino!

They happen to be one of those top couples of Tollywood who doesn’t have anything negative to write about them. Whether their fashionable looks, his suave charms, her oomph factor and the way they carry themselves is something industry always talks about. But they have an addiction we hear.

According to the grapevine, this couple got addicted to spending times in Casinos to beat the stress they actually got through during work. Whenever they get a break from the work, they fly to this Casino destination and indulge in playing roulette and other card games inside popular gambling dens.

Recently they are said to have scored a miracle at one of such gambling dens and to celebrate that, they have gone ahead to another country, where they are playing Casino again. Someone close to them commented that looking at them in Casinos is actually like watching James Bond and his Bond Girl in “Casino Royale” movie.

The only advice anyone can give to these freebirds is, don’t lose all of your hard-earned money.

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