TG MLA Seethakka would have been a National star if she’s in BJP

A few days back, in a press meet, KCR asked all his leaders to take care of their respective constituencies and said that this is the time they evolve as heroes from leaders. It is not known how the TRS MLAs and MPs are holding up to their end but this lady MLA is doing selfless service in the areas where no one wants to roam around.

Telangana National Congress MLA, Seethakka was seen helping the people in the tribal areas recently and she was delivering the essential goods to the people in need all by herself. Even in the mainstream media, she has been highlighted with the footage that was telecasted earlier but yet she hadn’t got the recognition she deserves.

On the other side, there are stories that the Telangana Police are causing troubles for her selfless efforts. In Asifabada Mandal’s Ippal Navegam, she was confronted by the Police as they had restricted her entry saying that she couldn’t be allowed into the area that was placed under curfew. By that time, she was carrying essential goods with her.

So, it is quite clear that Congress’ leaders voice in the state has been suppressed and if Seethakka belongs to the party other than Congress, the situation would have been different. Most importantly, the BJP would have made use of this situation to the most but in this situation Seethakka alone fought with the police and asked them where is the friendly policing that KCR promised the state people?

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