Telugu TV Actors Short Film On Stay Home #COVID19 #stayhome

Telugu TV Actors Short Film On Stay Home #COVID19
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Mega Star Chiranjeevi Narrowly Escaped Danger

May 31, 2020

Megastar Chiranjeevi has narrowly escaped the honeybees attack.

He attended a program in Domakonda of Nizamabad and a big swarm of honeybees have surrounded him and others. Within no time Chiranjeevi was rescued and he didn’t suffer any bites.

Chiranjeevi was there in Domakonda to attend the funeral activities of his family member Retd IAS Umapathi Rao.

He is the grandfather of Upasana Konidela and also the royal descendant of a local fort (gadi) in that place.

The locals have helped Chiranjeevi and family to escape from honeybees and took them to a safe place.