Taxes Are Paid For Development: Supreme Court on Freebies!

The hard-earned money people pay in taxes will reach the government’s treasury and that amount should be spent on developing the infrastructure facilities for the people, the Supreme Court observed. The Supreme Court made these comments while hearing the petition that deals with the freebies by political parties in the country.

The bench of the Supreme Court led by Chief Justice NV Ramana heard petitions on freebies announced by the political parties. During the hearing, the Supreme Court made some key commnets and issued key directives to the centre.

The Supreme Court directed the union government to give inputs on constituting the high-level committee that deals with regulating the freebies and actions that should be taken while monitoring the situation and the bench gave one week to give the suggestions on the panel.

Not just the centre, the Supreme Court also asked the Election Commission, senior advocate and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal, and the other petitioners to tell their suggestions if they have any in this regard.

Having asked for the suggestions on the dedicated panel to look into the freebies, the Supreme Court also said that, the panel should be constituted in a way that it should have members from Niti Aayog, the Finance Commission, ruling and opposition parties, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other stakeholders so that it can work on controlling freebies.

On the other hand, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta who represented the union government in the Supreme Court said that the union government is against the freebies as the culture would bring an “economic disaster”.

It has to be mentioned here that, on many occasions, the union government spoke against the freebies and even warned a few states which are taking debts in bigger amounts. Now the Supreme Court spoke against the freebies idea followed by many parties.

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