Task Force : అత్తకు ప్రియుడు.. అల్లుడికి యముడు | Visakhapatnam

Task Force : అత్తకు ప్రియుడు.. అల్లుడికి యముడు | Visakhapatnam

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“Bad Newz”: A Promising Premise Fizzles Out

July 20, 2024

Tripti Dimri, propelled to national recognition by her daring performance in “Animal,” has wasted no time securing prominent roles. One such project is “Bad Newz,” a comedy featuring Vicky Kaushal and Ammy Virk in the lead roles. Following a string of underwhelming releases, “Bad Newz” generated significant pre-release buzz, fueled by Vicky Kaushal’s viral dance number “Tauba Tauba” and the undeniable star power of the cast. However, does the film live up to its promise?

“Bad Newz” revolves around Saloni (Tripti Dimri), an aspiring international chef, who enters a marriage of convenience with Akhil Chadda (Vicky Kaushal) at her parents’ behest. A honeymoon mishap leads to a swift decision for divorce. Saloni then encounters Gurbeer Pannu (Ammy Virk) in Mussoorie, and an unexpected pregnancy throws their lives into chaos. A medical revelation further complicates matters: both Akhil and Gurbeer are biological fathers to the twins Saloni is carrying. The film hinges on navigating this bizarre situation, offering comedic potential.

Director Anand Tiwari prioritizes humor throughout the narrative. Serious moments are often diluted in an attempt to maintain a lighthearted tone. Unfortunately, the comedic elements lack originality and become repetitive, failing to sustain audience engagement. While Vicky Kaushal delivers a commendable performance, attempting to carry the film on his shoulders, the other two leads fail to impress. Tripti Dimri’s portrayal struggles to fully capture the essence of a commercial heroine.

While the film’s humor might resonate with North Indian audiences, “Bad Newz” may struggle to connect with viewers in other regions. Furthermore, the weak narrative structure hinders the film’s overall impact.

“Bad Newz” boasts a unique premise but falters in its execution. Overreliance on repetitive humor and a lack of strong storytelling result in a disappointing experience. While Vicky Kaushal shines, the film fails to capitalize on its potential.