Tamil Hero Contesting Kuppam Polls, YCP’s Mindgame?

Vishal is a popular Tamil hero, though his roots are from the Telugu land. He enjoys a good following in Telugu states as well. Off late, he is doing films that shed light on the doubts about digitalization. In a film, he also questioned the system of banks that pressure common people for loans and leave big fish.

Following the trend of heroes from Tamil Nadu being politically active, Vishal is also active and same very close to entering electoral politics. If not for the cancelation of his election nomination, Vishal would have tried his luck.

As the hero is politically active, reports were abuzz that Vishal is likely to make his debut in politics in Andhra Pradesh as the ruling party YSRCP wants to make him stand against Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu in Kuppam for the next general polls. The reports were spread like wildfire.

Amid this, Vishal said that there is no truth in the news and he is focused on films right now. Saying that no one contacted him, Vishal wondered from where the news came out and spread like this.

“I have been hearing rumours about my entry into politics in Andhra Pradesh and contesting in Kuppam constituency. I absolutely deny it, not aware of this at all and nobody contacted me about this. I don’t know from where this news surfaced. It’s going to be Movies & Movies for me and there is no intention of entering into Andhra Pradesh politics or contesting against Mr. Chandrababu Naidu,” Vishal said in his post.

There is also an opinion that the YSRCP which is very adamant about defeating Chandrababu Naidu in his Kuppam constituency might have left the fillers on the reports to create some confusion to push the grand old TDP into a big tension.

A Party chief losing the elections is not a small thing and it is nothing but suicide for the party. We have seen how the ruling party and critics brutally troll Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan as his party lost the elections and he himself lost the two seats he contested.

With the YCP keeping its big target that it should win all the 175 seats in the upcoming polls, the ruling party is making sure that will hit the bulls’ eye. Talking about the Kuppam issue, a few experts say that it might be the mind game played by the YCP to create some confusion.

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