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Today’s Episode:

E454 – Part1: Part2 – 27th Sep

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Recent Random Post:

Samantha’s Good Friend Picks Rashmika For His Next!

September 25, 2023

Actor turned filmmaker Rahul Ravindran made a very impressive debut with ‘Chi La Sow’. This movie featuring Ruhani Sharma and Sushanth received a lot of critical acclaim and Rahul even won the National Award for its original screenplay. Looking at his talent, Nagarjuna gave him a chance and they made ‘Manmadhudu 2’ together. This movie turned out to be a disaster and people wondered if this was the same guy who made ‘Chi La Sow’.

Sources say that he prepared a fresh script by taking his time and Rahul is said to have narrated it to Rashmika Mandanna. The ‘Pushpa’ actress was reportedly impressed by the narration and Bunny Vas will be bankrolling it under the Geetha Arts banner if everything falls in place. Insiders say that the project is almost confirmed and the official announcement will be arriving soon.

As per reports, Samantha was the first choice for Rahul as they are good friends but the star heroine’s health issues and the necessity to take a break from movies for the next couple of months made the ‘Andala Rakshasi’ hero look elsewhere. Rashmika is currently working on ‘Animal’ and ‘Pushpa’ right now and is also doing a heroine-oriented film titled ‘Butterfly Fly’. Let us see how things turn out in the coming days.