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E40 – Part1 : Part2 – 8th June

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Recent Random Post:

Mixed Reactions On Leaving An Empty Seat In ‘Adipurush’ Theatres!

June 7, 2023

At the pre-release event of Prabhas’ upcoming mythological drama ‘Adipurush’ which was held in Tirupati last night, the movie’s director Om Raut made a request to the producers and distributors who are releasing this film all over the nation. He asked them to make sure that one seat is left empty in every theatre so that lord Hanuman watch this movie which was made on Lord Ram.

While a lot of people are responding to this decision in a positive manner, there is a section of the public who have not taken it well. Even though there is a lot of appreciation regarding this gesture as a respect to Hanuman, there are few who are making sarcastic comments on it.

They claim that the team doesn’t need to worry about leaving a seat empty as the whole theatre will be empty in case the film gets a negative talk. Some are trolling the makers by asking if they could enter the theatres with footwear or leave them outside the hall. Another person commented that theatres that will be screening ‘Adipurush’ will be distributing ‘Prasadam’ instead of ‘Popcorn’.

There is an ongoing battle on social media between Prabhas fans and atheists. Fans are even backed by Hindu activists this time but it is appreciable that the makers are paying tribute to our gods and showcasing their devotion.