Srimathi Srinivas Daily Serial -E28- 26th Jan

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Srimathi Srinivas Daily Serial

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E28 – Part1 : Part2 – 26th Jan

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Recent Random Post:

Samantha trolled for foreign trip

January 21, 2022

Samantha has been on a signing spree. She recently signed a couple of bilinguals, including Yashoda which is currently in the filming phase. But with the onset of the Covid third wave, film shootings have been halted. This left Samantha withe ample spare time.

Incidentally, Samantha, along with her good friend, Shilpa Reddy flew off to Switzerland very recently as she had more than enough spare time and wanted to unwind in a foreign location.

Now, Samantha’s foreign trip is drawing flak. Netizens are commenting that Samantha has gone on a leisurely vacation while the entire work, including India is reeling in Covid outbreak.

Samantha shared a snap of her enjoying in the snowy mountain ranges of Switzerland and netizens are calling her out as they are commenting on the same.

A netizen pointed out that Samantha should refrain from sharing her vacation pics while people are suffering from Covid outbreak.

It remains to be seen if Samantha will react to the same by refraining from sharing her vacation snaps on social media. But of course, it is her choice to make.