Something Special With Anchor Syamala

Something Special With Anchor Syamala

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Nagarjuna blasts on BiggBoss contestants

September 20, 2020

Host Nagarjuna finally delivers what the Bigg Boss audience are expecting out of him.

He pointed out the noncompetitive nature of the contestants that are playing safe to be in the good books of viewers.

Nagarjuna blasted housemates for self-nominating themselves in the boat task without even putting up a protest.

Nagarjuna knocked sense into the minds of this season contestants that are totally clueless about how to play the game. They even sacrificed the captaincy position as if it is nothing.

Becoming the captain of the house will give one week’s immunity and neither Abhijeet nor Mehboob fought for it. They sacrificed the position to Noel.

The Hero-Zero game conducted in the weekend episode has triggered emotional warfare among the housemates.

Lasya pointed out Amma Rajasekhar shoving a pillow into Divi’s clothes as a part of the task. Rajasekhar got offended by the character assassination and broke down into tears.

Divi was upset with Lasya highlighting such a trivial matter and said ‘Shut up’ when the latter tried to reason her.

TV9 news anchor Devi’s opinions against a few housemates also added to the heat of the situation. We can expect to see housemates forming into separate groups and locking horns with rival groups from now.

The organizers and scriptwriters of Bigg Boss are surely taking note of audience reactions and making it engaging to watch.