Shoaib Malik Adds More Suspense To Divorce Rumours!

A decade after their marriage the star couple is said to be seeing cracks in their relationship and reportedly wanted to part ways. The reports on this are going on for a very long time and people are talking about this regularly. However, the couple is maintaining silence on the topic.

The couple that is in the news for an unwanted reason is veteran Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. For the last few months reports are abuzz that things are not going well between the couple and they want to end their marriage.

Amid reports of divorce, Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik announced a talk show ‘The Mirza Malik show’.The reports did not stop after the show also. After the show was announced a new debate started saying that the couple are unable to part ways due to some legal issues and the same issues also brought them together for the show.

Their fans want to know the truth behind this and are dying to see the couple react to the news and dub the reports as false. As Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are adorable couple, their fans want them to stay together.

Adding fuel to the suspense, the couple is not reacting to this. Finally, Shoaib Malik is said to have reacted to the news. It is said that a local Pakistani news outlet asked him about this and his response increased suspense in the issue.

Saying that the issue is their personal, Shoaib Malik urged everyone to leave the matter. He also said that neither he nor Sania Mirza will react to the issue as it is their personal matter. “It is our personal matter. Neither I, nor my wife is answering this question. Leave it alone,” he reportedly said.

It appears like Shoaib Malik doesn’t want to address the issue unless the couple comes to a joint decision. We don’t know what are the issues that are stopping them from allegedly parting ways. Maybe the senior cricket player is thinking that it is not the right time to talk about this and the couple might issue a joint statement on this to clear all the airs.

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