Shiva Nirvana Ends Up In A Huge Mess!

Director Shiva Nirvana’s career took off to a perfect start with movies like ‘Ninnu Kori’ and ‘Majili’ turning out to be very good hits. He aimed to score a hattrick with ‘Tuck Jagadish’ but the lockdown forced the team to opt for an OTT release. The movie failed to get a positive talk and ended up being a disaster on the streaming network too.

This tarnished the director’s image and he decided to bounce back with ‘Khushi’. Vijay Deverakonda is the hero in this film while Samantha is the heroine. The shooting started a few months back and progressed at a brisk pace. But the health of Samantha forced the makers to apply brakes on the production.

Earlier, the team planned to release the film during the Christmas season of 2022 but Samantha’s health issues made them change their plans drastically. There is no update on when Samantha would join the team as she is still getting the required treatment. Sources say that it may take a couple of months before she enters the sets.

Shiva Nirvana hoped to erase ‘Tuck Jagadish’ from the minds of people as soon as possible with ‘Khushi’ but it is not possible now. He got stuck with this film for longer than expected. He aimed to prove himself and enter the big league after ‘Khushi’ but that is no longer a reality now.

Not just Shiva but Deverakonda also planned to release this film as early as possible in order to earn his ‘Lover Boy’ tag back after a huge disaster like ‘Liger’. He wants to go back to his romantic roles and win over the hearts of girls. Even Samantha wanted to showcase everyone that she can still pull off romantic roles and excel in romantic entertainers rather than heroine-oriented flicks. It looks like the delay in ‘Khushi’ is leaving a lot of them disappointed. Hope the shooting restarts within a short time.

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