Secunderabad Protest: WhatsApp Groups Guided Protesters?

For the past few days, violent protests have been going on in India at various places as a protest against the Agnipath recruitment scheme for the army. Starting with Bihar, then the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and now Telangana, one after the other state is reporting the violence, caused by the angry protestors.

One of the largest and busiest railway stations in India Secunderabad was attacked by the protestors. They vandalized the railway station and set a few train coaches on fire. A case was filed and the investigating officers dug deeper into the issue to gather information.

The detailed investigation made the cops know a new point that the protests were planned. Those who were involved in the protests were in constant touch on WhatsApp and the youths were given instructions on how and what to do during the violent protests. Reports say that multiple groups were made on the app.

It has been widely reported that a few youths reached the Secunderabad railway station on the night of Thursday. A few of them took photos in front of the railway station and shared the pictures on WhatsApp groups. Looking at the pictures, the protestors gathered in large numbers and went on a rampage.

After the Agnipath scheme was announced, a few coaching centres which offer training for the Army aspirants reportedly shared their thoughts on the scheme and made the aspirants think that they would lose opportunities if the new scheme gets into effect.

It is also said that the protest plan was discussed on the special WhatsApp groups. Following the plan that was planned earlier reportedly, the protestors showed up at the railway station. Disguising themselves as the passengers, the protestors entered the station and created havoc in the station.

As the WhatsApp groups issue came out reportedly, the members of the WhatsApp groups started leaving the groups. However, the cops who got to know about this are digging deeper into the case to get more details. As the cops earlier said that the guilty will not be spared, the accused are expected to be arrested by the investigating officers.

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