Satya Nadella Salary Increased By 66 Percent

Could you guess how much pay package did Satya Nadella receive as the CEO of Microsoft in 2019? It’s exactly $42.9 million in the form of stock awards for his valuable services! Along with that, He received hike of $1 million in the base salary.

In the Indian currency, Salary of Satya Nadella for the year 2019 isn’t less than Rs 300 crore-mark. This means, A 66 percent increase compared to the previous year.In its annual report, Microsoft maintained Board Members recognized the proficiency of Satya Nadella as CEO while reviewing his annual equity compensation.

When Satya Nadella was appointed as the CEO in 2014, Microsoft’s market capitalisation was just $302 billion. By 2018, It has become almost thrice ($850 billion). Not a surprise, CEO got a huge salary hike.Last month, Satya Nadella reached Hyderabad after knowing about the demise of his Father and former IAS Officer BN Yugandhar.

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