Samuthirakani & Sai Tej Don’t Know What To Do Now!

It is well known that Pawan Kalyan decided to remake ‘Vinodhaya Sitham’ in Telugu. Samuthirakani who made the original will be directing the Telugu version too. While everything seems to fall in place for this project, Pawan asked the makers to complete his shooting within 20 days. They were ready for that too but the star hero’s political commitments are affecting not just him but the rest of the team too.

While Harish Shankar’s ‘Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh’ has been out of the discussion for the last few weeks, there is a lot of uncertainty over ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’ too. On the other hand, there is no news about the ‘Vinothaya Sitham’ remake.

Sai Tej is out of action for a good part of the year due to his bike accident. He recovered a few months back and started shooting again for a project bankrolled by star director Sukumar and BVSN Prasad. He agreed to play the second hero’s role in ‘Vinodhaya Sitham’. Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan reportedly convinced him and sources say that they want him to stop working on other films until their project is wrapped up.

While the shooting was supposed to start in July, it did not happen which is worrying everyone. With Pawan getting busy in politics again, there is no guarantee regarding when he will arrive on the sets. This has now become a concern to Sai Dharam Tej who has high hopes on this movie. He is left hanging and same is the situation with director and actor Samuthirakani who left many projects to be a director for Pawan-Sai Dharam’s film. All Pawan has to do is allot 20 days and take home a whopping 50 crores according to sources. But can the actor-politician do that at the moment? Only time will tell.

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