Samantha Focuses On ‘Zero Budget’ Now

Other day you might have read in these columns that the terrace gardening Samantha Akkineni got installed on the rooftop of her luxury pod is quite a bit expensive. And it looks like even Samantha also took note of what we said and she is now helping her fans do the gardening at ‘zero budget’.

While Samantha’s rooftop garden costs nearly 1 lakh, other day the actress started sharing tips and insights about the zero budgeted gardening. With the help of another woman who is specialised in growing plants with zero budget, Samantha is hosting a session for everyone to follow it. Also, she has already started sharing some tips explaining how an overnight soaked banana peel would act as a natural fertilizer for homegrown plants.

One has to see if Samantha will be announcing something about her film journey in the coming days or she will continue to become this specialist of horticulture. For now, it looks like cooking and gardening is her favourite thing as she has stopped posting about her workouts as well.

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