Salaar’s Rescheduling and its Impact on Sankranti Releases

The postponing of the big pan india film “Salaar” from its initial September 28th release date has created a rippling effect in the film business. Many other films’ release dates have been pushed back, and the overseas distributors for “Salaar” have had to make last minute changes owing to cancelled premieres.

Although the official release date for “Salaar” hasn’t been announced, this situation has complicated matters for other films like Venkatesh’s “Saindhav,” Nani’s “Hi Nanna,” and other Sankranti releases. I

In response to the uncertainty around “Salaar,” the makers of Sankranti releases have started to assert their presence and declare that they won’t change their release dates for anyone. Some Christmas releases are even considering moving to Sankranti, hoping that the existing Sankranti releases will be postponed.

Films like Vijay Devarakonda’s “VD13” and Ravi Teja’s upcoming movie are confirming their Sankranti release dates, with “VD13” stating that 50% of its shoot is already completed. This trend of announcements is expected to continue in the coming days, with Ravi Teja’s film set to hit screens on January 13th, 2024.

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