RGV’s ‘Allu’ Sounds Very Offensive

His tweets go like this: “Another one of RgvWorldTheatre’s next Fictional Reality FR films is “Allu”. It is the fictional story of what one brother in law from behind did to the family of a very big star ..The story starts after the star announces his “Jana Rajyam” Party”.

He also tweeted: “Like some are thinking in reality “Allu” is not a non fictional film I am not doing to take revenge for calling me Nikrushtudu and I swear this on my love for the family. In “Allu” I will not,not say that it will not,not have theatre mafia, selling party tickets, back biting politics and causing problems between loving brothers”.

This seems to be a highly controversial film ever, rubbing the wrong side of maga camp. Power Star went on like a satire. But this appears offensive.

He didn’t even leave Allu Aravind’s brand “Aha” in one of his tweets. He revealed that A Aaravind, K Chiraanjeevi, Prawan Kalyan, A Aaarjun, A Sheeresh, KR Chraran, N Baebu etc are the key characters in the film.

RGV also says, “The main character in this film weaves different plans all the time. He plans for the good of himself and the bad for the opponents. He conspires several plans to keep his mileage up always”.

We have to see how Allu Aravind and mega camp react to this.

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