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Young actress miffed with producer’s unprofessional behavior

February 21, 2020

It seems, the beautiful actress Mehreen is quite upset with producer Shankar Prasad. Yes, Mehreen miffed with the producer’s act but decided to not reveal. Yes, what you are reading is right.

Going into the details, she had acted with Prasad’s son Naga Shaurya in the film Aswathama and had participated in many promotional events for it.

Just a day before the release of the film, the makers held an event with senior director K. Raghavendra Rao and asked Mehreen to come. But due to skin allergy, Mehreen said that she couldn’t make it and even sent a doctor’s prescription to back up her statement.

However, the producers said they would not pay her hotel bills if she did not attend the event. The next morning, Mehreen quietly left the hotel without informing the hotel authorities that she was vacating her room. Her manager repeatedly asked the producers to clear the hotel bills.

Mehreen is very upset with this unprofessional behavior of the producers. A source said that Mehreen can’t even talk about it openly because she wants to stay in the industry.