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Payal Rajput responds to ‘Covid test’ trolls

September 29, 2020

A couple of days ago, Payal Rajput shared a video of her undergoing Covid-19 swab test. In the video, the young actress is seen screaming while the medical personnel collects her sample.

Many netizens felt Payal Rajput overreacted to a simple swab test which is more or less a norm these days. She was trolled on social media and funny memes based on the video she had posted surfaced on the internet.

Reacting about the trolls, Payal Rajput urged netizens to stop making fun of her.

“I am scared of syringes and other medical apparatus that deal with needles. So, I was honestly scared while giving my swab sample. It was an uncomfortable experience for me. It is unfair and insensitive to make fun of it,” she said.

Payal added that the makers of her ongoing film had arranged Covid-19 tests on the sets and she had to undergo the test for obvious reasons.