Ram Mandir Priest Wants a Ban on Adipurush!

Making a film on Gods and Epics is not a small thing and it is a big task that comes with a lot of risks. The makers of Adipurush starring Prabhas took the risk and announced a film on the Hindu epic Ramayana. Prabhas is playing Lord Rama in the Pan-India film helmed by Om Raut.

The teaser was launched recently and the makers unveiled the teaser was dropped from Ayodhya city. After the teaser was launched, the makers are facing severe criticism from various corners. The way the characters are depicted did not go well with many.

From common audiences to politicians to Right-wing members everyone is lashing out at the makers. A few BJP leaders warned that they will not tolerate anyone who disrespects their beliefs.

As if it was not enough another big personality came down severely on the makers and raised severe objections to the way the characters in the epic were shown. He said that there is no match between the characters prescribed in the epic and the way they were translated onto the screen.

Adding fuel to the criticism, Acharya Satyendra Das, the head priest of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir placed a few objections and asked is it how the characters are shown in the film.

After raising the objections, the head priest said that it is not a crime to make a film but hurting their sentiments is not accepted and no one can get limelight by creating such controversies.

However, there is also an opinion that the criticism is coming towards Adipurush early as the film was not released yet. Director Om Raut said that the VFX work is not finished and there a pending work. He also said that the VFX is not made for YouTube and the VFX was made keeping the big screen in mind.

Once the film hits the theatres we will know more about the film and the VFX that is involved in making the film. The Pan-India film Adipurush is slated for a grand release on the eve of Sankranti 2023. The film is being made on a big budget.

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