Raj Tarun issue : లావణ్య పై కేసు నమోదు

Raj Tarun issue : లావణ్య పై కేసు నమోదు

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Actresses Nayanthara and Trisha Krishnan Set for Celestial Showdown

July 15, 2024

South Indian cinema is gearing up for a unique on-screen rivalry between veteran actresses Nayanthara and Trisha Krishnan. Both are poised to portray goddesses in separate films releasing around the same time.

Nayanthara is set to return to the role of a goddess in “Ammoru Thalli 2,” the sequel to the 2020 film “Mookutty Amman” (dubbed in Telugu as “Ammoru Thalli”). While the original film starred and was directed by RJ Balaji, the sequel will reportedly have a new director.

Meanwhile, Trisha Krishnan will be taking on a divine role in “Masani Amman,” directed by RJ Balaji. This development pits the two leading actresses against each other in a unique cinematic scenario.

The near-simultaneous release of these films has sparked discussions of a potential box-office clash between Nayanthara and Trisha. Both actresses boast immense popularity and dedicated fan bases in South India. This celestial showdown has piqued audience interest, with speculation mounting over which film will reign supreme.

Beyond the on-screen competition, both Nayanthara and Trisha have packed schedules. Nayanthara reportedly has 5-6 projects lined up, while Trisha is busy filming for “Vishwambhara,” an upcoming film with Ajith, and “Thug Life.”

This unique situation marks a departure from the usual trend in South Indian cinema, where male actors typically engage in on-screen rivalries. The upcoming releases promise to be a refreshing change, showcasing the talents of these leading actresses in a new light. The coming days will reveal how audiences respond to this celestial clash on the big screen.