Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over Rafale deal

Watch Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi over Rafale deal

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Pooja’s Post About Samantha – Real or Hacker’s?

May 28, 2020

Pooja Hegde made it clear that her Instagram account was hacked last night. Luckily, she got it restored in an hour with the help of her digital team. But Samantha’s fans are furious that this whole incident.

When her account was hacked, a meme depicting Samantha’s picture that had come out.

“I don’t find her pretty at all,” the hackers posted using Samantha’s picture from “Majili”.

However, Samantha Akkineni’s fans wonder why did the hackers used this particular photograph and posted it. Though the hackers shared memes about other actresses, Samantha’s has gone viral.

Some are wondering was it really hacker’s work?

To be fair, Samantha and Pooja Hegde have no rivalry. Nor are they competitors, as Samantha has moved out of playing regular glamour roles. There is no need for Pooja bitching about Samantha.