Prema Entha Madhuram – E548 – 4th Feb

Show/Serial:Prema Entha Madhuram
Starring:zee Telugu Crew
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Prema Entha Madhuram

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Today’s Episode:

E548-Part1 : Part2 – 4th Feb

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Recent Random Post:

Superstar Makes Veera Simha Reddy Success Even Special!

January 30, 2023

Sankranti season is a special one for Nata Simham Nandamuri Balakrishna as his films coming in the season roared at the box office. This sentiment was proved yet again with the recent mass entertainer Veera Simha Reddy. Director Gopichand Malineni who is known for making entertaining films helmed the film.

Veera Simha Reddy got a flying start and enjoyed a good run at the box office. Balakrishna fans loved the way their matinee idol was shown in the film. The senior hero pulled off the role with ease. Team Veera Simha Reddy recently celebrated the success of the film.

Making Veera Simha Reddy’s success even more special, a Superstar watched the film and loved it. He even called the captain of the ship Gopichand Malineni to extend his appreciation. None Other than Superstar Rajinikanth watched the film and called the director making his day.

Gopichand Malineni took to Twitter to share his happiness of Rajinikanth calling him and appreciating him for Veera Simha Reddy. Thanking Thalaivar Rajinikanth, Gopichand said that receiving appreciation for the Superstar is more than anything for him.

“This is a surreal moment for me🤩🤗 Received a call from the Thalaivar, The Superstar @rajinikanth sir. He watched #VeeraSimhaReddy and loved the film. His Words of praise about my film and the emotion he felt are more than anything in this world to me. Thankyou Rajini sir🙏” Gopichand Malineni said on Twitter.

Rajnikanth has the habit of appreciating the directors if he likes any films. Recently he called Rishab Shetty to his home and appreciated him for the divine blockbuster. Rajinikanth presented a shawl to Shetty. Rishab Shetty who shot to Pan-India fame with Kantara said that meeting Rajinikanth was unexpected and he will not forget this moment in his life.

Now it’s the turn of team Veera Simha Reddy to have a memorable moment as Rajinikanth appreciated the film. Veera Simha Reddy is bankrolled by Mythri Movie Makers with Shruti Haasan playing the leading lady. The Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer has an ensemble cast of Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Honey Rose, and Duniya Vijay. Balakrishna played a dual role in the mass entertainer.