Prabhas justifies his cool ‘Darling’ tag once again!

In a crisis time like this, it’s heart-warming to know that the TFI stars are taking care of their staff very well. Recently, we’ve informed that Stylish Star Allu Arjun paid salaries in advance to his staff during the coronavirus crisis. Now, as per our inside sources, young Rebel Star Prabhas also did a similar thing to his staff.

Yes, we’re all aware of the fact that Prabhas takes care of her personal staff very well and we have seen and heard of many incidents in the past proving that. In fact, Prabhas is the benchmark for utmost dedication, unmatched humility, and the sweetest off-screen personality. Apart from entertaining the audience onscreen, Prabhas also donates an amount to charitable trusts and noble causes.

Well, now coming to the point, we’ve heard that Prabhas sent his personal and house staff to home and promised them he’d pay salaries even though they are not working for him. As per his promise, Prabhas has been paying salaries to his staff from the past four months. It is heard that Prabhas’ staff (personal and house) are very happy with their boss’ good Samaritan decision.

While on one side Prabhas entertains the audience on-screen, Prabhas ensures that he does his bit for his loved ones and society too. We are hoping this magnanimity of Prabhas motivates more people.

We say bravo to him!

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