People Says Bye Bye Bonda!!! | Sakshi Special Story | బై బై బొండా..!

Watch People Says Bye Bye Bonda!!! | Sakshi Special Story | బై బై బొండా..!

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Lockdown Crisis: Actor Turns Fruit Seller!

May 21, 2020

As we know, the entertainment industry is one among many industries to affect badly in the pandemic. With the lockdown, there are no shootings and actors are sitting idle at home, waiting for the crisis to end. Of course, big stars can manage being jobless for a few months but small character artists are struggling day and the night for their families wellbeing.

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s recent film, Dreamgirl co-star, Solanki Diwakar is another victim who is facing financial problems due to the lockdown. Solanki was a fruits seller before he came to film industry. Now, due to money problems, he is back to his old profession of selling fruits so that he can earn a living.

For the past two months, Solanki Diwakar has been jobless. In fact, many such actors are facing ordeal but not all problems come to notice. The 35-year-old Solanki is a father of two and he has acted in many movies like Hawa, Halka, Kadwi Hawa, Titli, Dream Girl and Sonchiriya. The actor is seen selling fruits on roads as there are no movies to act now.

“With the lockdown being extended I have to take care of my needs. I have to pay my rent and also need money to meet the expenses of my family. So I have turned back to selling fruits,” Diwakar told. Also, Solanki was about to act alongside Rishi Kapoor in a movie, but due to the latter’s sudden demise, the movie has been stopped.