Pawan’s poll expenditure fraud: Spent just Rs 8 lakh

Everyone knows how expensive elections were in AP recently. Even a school kid says crores of rupees were spent by candidates of three major parties (TDP, YSRCP, Jana Sena) in AP Assembly polls.

But the candidates ‘cooked up’ account books and submitted fake expenditure statements to Election Commission of India.

Though this is common for seasoned and corrupt politicians during every elections, what is shocking is even actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who talks of values and ethics in politics and also talks about bringing ‘change’ in politics resorted to these irregularties.

As per Election Commission norms, a candidate contesting for Assembly seat will be allowed to spend up to a maximum limit of Rs 28 lakh and for Lok Sabha seat Rs 70 lakh.

But it’s an open secret that all candidates from major parties spent a minimum of Rs 10 crore and maximum of Rs 50 crore and above for all the seats.

Money was spent like water towards cash distribution to voters, distribution of liquor, freebies like saris, gold coins, silver coins, sports kits, two-wheelers, grinders, and what not.

The Election Commission was shocked to see the expenditure statements submitted by candidates.

Pawan Kalyan’s expenditure statement to Election Commission shows that he had spent just Rs 8 lakh for Gajuwaka Assembly seat. Pawan stated that he had spent Rs 8,39,790.

That mean, Pawan Kalyan could not spent even the maximum limit of Rs 28 lakh expenditure prescribed by EC.

The EC is all set to issue notice to Pawan Kalyan on deflating his expenses because the expenditure surveillance teams deployed by Election Commission detected that Pawan had spent a huge amount which was several times higher than what he had shown to EC.

Is there anyone on Earth who believes Pawan’s expenditure statement on spending only Rs 8 lakh for Assembly seat? Is it not a fraud to cook up account books?

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