Pawan at meeting; Jana Sena MLA watches bull-racing

The only MLA of Jana Sena Party, Rapaka Varaprasad is giving shocks after shocks to chief Pawan Kalyan. On Saturday, Pawan held an extensive meeting with party leaders to discuss about the action plan of protest regarding the AP capital row. However to this meeting, Rapaka was absent.

Instead the Razole MLA was with YSRCP minister Kodali Nani in Gudivada witnessing the bull racing. Speaking to the media from here, Rapaka said he never saw bull racing and so he was here to witness it. Advising the Amaravati farmers that nothing would yield from their protest, Rapaka said that the farmers should meet CM YS Jagan.

“The Three Capitals idea is a good one and instead of protesting, farmers should meet Jagan and listen to him what he has say on the ‘Three Capitals.’ This is my individual opinion, not of Jana Sena party’s. In fact neither the party nor the chief ask my opinion regarding anything. I have individuality,” added Rapaka.

This is not the first instance that Rapaka backing the ‘Three Capitals’ and in fact, he appreciated almost all the decisions of CM Jagan.

So is the Jana Sena MLA inclining towards YSRCP? His action and words say so!

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