Pawan Kalyan mocks YCP with a green shirt

A couple of days ago, Pawan Kalyan shared a glimpse of the Varahi vehicle that he’ll be using for the election campaign in Andhra Pradesh. YCP then started a new narrative, saying this vehicle has an olive green paint, which is illegal to use for the common public as it is reserved for the Indian Army vehicles.

Now, Pawan has used YCP’s argument against themselves by trolling them with a single pic of his green shirt.

“Am I allowed to wear this shirt ‘YCP’? At least…??” Pawan captioned a photo of his green shirt. This is in the context of the argument YCP is making over his green coloured election campaign vehicle.

“1st you have stopped my films; in Visakhapatnam U didn’t let me come out of the vehicle & hotel room & forced me to leave the city. In Mangalagiri U didn’t let my car go out,then didn’t let me walk & now the color of vehicle has become an issue.OK,shall I stop breathing?? Next..” Pawan added. These tweets are now going viral.

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