Pallakilo Pellikuturu Daily Serial E64 – 8th Dec

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Today’s Episode:

E64 – Part1 : Part2 -8th Dec

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Recent Random Post:

Is Buchi Babu Planning A Pan-Indian Sports Drama For RC?

December 8, 2022

As we all know, talented director Buchi Babu Sana has recently announced a project with Mega Powerstar Ram Charan. This movie is all set to begin next year when the ‘RRR’ hero wraps up his work on Shankar’s project. There are a lot of rumors regarding the script of this movie.

Going by Buchi Babu’s first film, he is a director who has the guts to think out of the box and execute it quite convincingly. A lot of reports suggested that he planned a sports drama with NTR before Ram Charan entered the scene. It looks like he floated the same idea for the ‘Chirutha’ hero as well.

Talk in tinsel town suggests that Ram Charan will be seen as an athlete in the movie and it will have a sports backdrop. Though there is no clarity over how the project is going to be, a few claim that it will be mounted on a pan-Indian scale and will be inspirational like ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’.

It reportedly covers all the ups and downs of the lead character, an athlete. We need to wait till Buchi Babu reveals the official details. Mythri Movie Makers and Sukumar Writings will jointly bankroll this project along with Vriddhi Cinemas. With Sukumar’s backing, Buchi Babu is expected to make another compelling and emotional film. While the heroine and other cast members are yet to be finalized, it is to be seen whether Buchi Babu breaks the second film syndrome of many directors or not.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan is currently working on a massive pan-Indian project under Shankar’s direction. It is reportedly a political thriller and there are huge expectations for it. This untitled film has Kiara Advani playing the female lead while well-known actors like Sunil, Srikanth, SJ Suryah, Anjali and others play important roles. Produced by Dil Raju, this movie is the 50th film in their banner and Thaman is the music composer.