Nindu Noorella Saavasm Daily Serial – E40 – 29th Sep

Show/Serial:Nindu Noorella Saavasm
Channel:Zee TV

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E40 – Part1 : Part2 – 29th Sep

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Recent Random Post:

Ram Putting Extra Pressure On Thaman Now!

September 25, 2023

Star music composer Thaman has been underperforming a lot recently. Though he is delivering in terms of the background scores, he is not giving any hit songs. His tunes were severely disappointing in ‘BRO’ and the leaked song from ‘Game Changer’ was subjected to a lot of trolls as well. The songs from ‘Skanda’ too did not reach the expectations. The much-hyped ‘Cult Mama’ too fell flat.

Songs are the major reason why ‘Skanda’ did not generate a lot of hype. With only a few days left for the release, the makers have upped the promotions and hero Ram has spoken very highly about Thaman’s work in the film. He lauded the background scores of the composer and hyped it way too much. He said, “Skanda’s climax is something I’ve never done before. Thaman was stunned after seeing it and exclaimed, ‘You’ve given me an elephant, and now what do I play for this elephant?’ With Thaman’s score, I believe all speakers will be blasted, and theatres will surely be renovated.”

As we know, a lot of theatre speakers were damaged during the time of ‘Akhanda’ and Ram claims that the same would happen for ‘Skanda’ too. Overhyping is never good and it looks like Ram is putting way too much pressure on Thaman. If his music doesn’t impress the viewers, he will be subjected to heavy criticism. While Thaman is not new to criticism, adding extra pressure is definitely unnecessary baggage. Let us wait and see if Ram’s words come true on 28th September or not.

The runtime of the movie is reportedly 167 minutes. Sreeleela and Saiee Manjrekar are the heroines in this movie while there are many noted artists in it like Prince Cecil, Gautami, Indraja, Raja, Srikanth Meka, Sharath Lohitashwa, and others. Ratnam penned the dialogues while Srinivasaa Chitturi bankrolled this film. Thaman is giving the music while Santosh Detake is the cinematographer. Boyapati Sreenu is the movie’s director.