Nayanthara’s Formula Earning her Crores, Effortlessly

Most of our senior heroes need glamour and romance in their films unless they decide to go without heroine for a film that really does not have to be one in it. The director’s team has to go for a popular actress that suits the role, and not just ‘any’ heroine will do.

There comes Nayanthara with her conditions, sanctions and their numbers. Nayan does not have qualms about acting opposite 60-plus heroes, in fact, she is avoiding the roles opposite the younger lot. She started to reject those roles pairing younger heroes, so she need not act in romantic and kissing scenes which her boyfriend Vignesh Shivn usually does not encourage her to do.

The scarcity of proper heroines to act with senior heroes is Nayan’s asset and she is putting it on optimum advantage. Nayan will be taking some 4 to 5 Cr for each film if it is limited for only one language. If the movie is releasing in multiple languages, the remuneration will be hiked.

Nayanthara will not be part of promotions, no matter what. If the film needs extra call sheets of her, there should be an extra payment and by any mistake, if those call sheets are wasted, she is not going to compensate them.

Sye Raa’s team had to cut down her role considering her long list of conditions and regulations, though they paid her huge remuneration. Nayanthara reportedly charged 5 Cr for Darbar where she will not be seen more than 20 minutes. Darbar is no different without Nayanthara’s role, but she charged that huge money just to stand next to Rajinikanth. This is Nayanthara’s formula to earn crores, effortlessly.

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