‘Nambi Effect’: Madhavan Takes Us On An Emotional Journey With This Biopic!

Versatile actor Madhavan has arrived in theatres worldwide to thrill the audience with ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ which is a biopic of the great scientist and Padma Bhushan award recipient Nambi Narayanan. He was an ISRO scientist and an aerospace engineer who gets caught in the middle of power politics. The hurdles and insults he faced in life whilst he was nothing but patriotic towards the nation form the complete story.

Nambi is a student of legendary Vikram Sarabai and joins ISRO in 1966. He gets a fellowship in NASA and earns a lot of fame. He strives to bring new technology to India and made our country a part of 3 trillion dollars system. But he gets arrested under the accusation of sending ISRO files to Pakistan by the Kerala police. What happens to him? How did the truth come out? What was the situation of his family during that time? All these points are discussed in detail. Simran acted as Nambi Narayanan’s wife in this movie.

‘Rocketry’ starts with some feel-good scenes revolving around marriage. He suddenly gets arrested and the problems his family faces in society makes the audience glued to the screens. The team discussed the technical aspects of Rocket Science in detail which gives a feel of a documentary but the first half ends on a very emotional note. This emotion runs throughout the second half too. The story proceeds on a serious note entirely and Madhavan became successful in touching your hearts both as an actor and a director. You feel for him, you cry for him and you root for him. At the end, you come out with a sense of satisfaction that justice has been served.

Madhavan excels as a director right from the beginning. Though the technical details are hard to understand at times, it is the emotion that grabs your interest. Madhavan showcases that he is a sensible director in the way he handled the family scenes. Some scenes are on par with Hollywood standards which explains a lot about Madhavan’s passion. On the acting front, he gave his everything. His makeover, his moving performance and his dedication deserves a lot of applause. He delivered an award-worthy performance. Simran did a great job in the wife’s role and the technical departments gave fantastic output too.

‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ is a perfect biopic to watch this weekend and will definitely showcase the greatness of a man who gave his everything for the nation.

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