Naidu warns Jagan of AP becoming Sri Lanka

Telugu Desam Party chief, and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minsiter, Nara Chandrababu Naidu recently warned the AP government that the situation in the state would resemble that of the situation in Sri Lanka, where the Prime Minister had to run away due to the people of the country turning against the government.

Naidu said that the Sri Lankan government, very much like the AP government, took a lot of debts and loans from various sources and failed to pay them back, putting the entire country in a state of emergency. He also said that the Sri Lankan government sued the police department and the Army to shut down anyone who raised their voice against the government, which ultimately resulted in the entire country revolting against the government.

Naidu said that this is something that the AP government should keep in mind and reminded them that the situation in AP would be the same if the government is not more mindful of the way it’s behaving and the way it’s handling things. He noted that the increasing anti-incumbent sentiment in the state is something that the government should look out for, and if the government fails to do so, it will fall into its own grave.

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