Naga Babu Ends His Journey With Jabardasth Show | Naga Babu

Watch Naga Babu Ends His Journey With Jabardasth Show | Naga Babu

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The Only Maker Who Is So Busy In Corona Times #rgv

July 13, 2020

The entire Telugu film industry has been totally shut for nearly four months due to the lockdown and the increasing number of Coronavirus cases. The shootings for a lot of high and medium budgeted films and even TV programs have been stalled.

However, while many filmmakers are incurring losses due to no production and theatrical release, it’s director Ram Gopal Varma who’s making merry and raking in all the moolah these days. The director is currently busy churning out as many as nine movies under his banner RGV Company.

However, RGV is not directing all these projects himself. He has roped in his assistants to helm some of them. Thanks to this strategy, RGV is not only making decent profits but is also providing work for technicians and artistes and is also giving a platform for young aspirants to prove their mettle.

Murder, Power Star, Thriller, Coronavirus, Lockdown, Horror and Smartphone are some of RGV’s movies that are ready for release on ATT in the coming weeks.