My Wish Is To See A Permanent Cure For Diabetes

The serving Chief Justice of India(CJI) NV Ramana had expressed his concerns over the rising Diabetes cases in the country and called for a subsidy for the treatment saying that the disease is a lifelong disease that needs a lot of expenses for the treatment. He made these comments while speaking at a conference.

The CJI attended the “Ahuja Bajaj Symposium on Diabetes” held on Sunday. Terming the medical profession a noble one, the Chief Justice had appealed that there is a need to train healthcare professionals to deal with the problem and the government should look into this matter.

Stressing the economical burden the disease poses to the patients, CJI NV Ramana opined that the government should extend the subsidy for diabetic treatment for the patients.

It is an expensive disease that impacts the poor severely. The cost the disease brings is immense and a major section of people cannot withstand it. To benefit the Indian population on the diabetic disease, special studies should be conducted to bring a treatment for that.

A permanent cure for diabetes is not found to date and I am wishing that the permanent cure will be found. The scientists and researchers should work together in this regard and bring a permanent vaccine like the vaccine to cure the Coronavirus was found, he said.

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