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E115- Part1 : Part2 – 29th Nov

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Recent Random Post:

This Is What Vignesh’s Mother Has To Say About Nayanthara!

November 26, 2022

Apart from being the lady superstar of South Cinema, Nayanthara has taken up two new roles in life. She is now a loving wife and a caring mother too. As everyone knows, she got married to her long time partner Vignesh Shivan a few months back. They were in a live-in relationship for the past seven years. The couple recently had two kids Uyir and Ulagam through surrogacy and this led to a lot of debate.

Having such a famous daughter-in-law will definitely be interesting for anyone and here is what Vignesh’s mother has to say about Nayanthara. While speaking to Thanthi TV, she said, “My son is a successful director and my daughter-in-law Nayanthara is a top heroine; they both work hard. There are eight people working in Nayanthara’s house – one of them was really sad because she had a debt of Rs 4 lakhs and Nayanthara gave her the money immediately and told her to clear her debt. To readily give that kind of money you need to have a really large heart and be kind.”

She went on to say that Nayan does the work of ten people and works very hard which she finds is a common value that both her son and daughter-in-law have. Nayanthara is currently working on ‘Gold’ starring Prithviraj Sukumaran. It is a comedy thriller which will come out on 1st December. On the other hand, she is also the heroine in Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’. She is holding talks with other filmmakers too.

On the other hand, Vignesh Shivan is working on the script of his upcoming movie with Thala Ajith Kumar.