Mrunal Thakur Celebrates Little Co-Star Kiara’s Birthday

Mrunal Thakur, adorned in a floral lehenga, recently extended heartfelt birthday wishes to her young co-star, Hi Nanna child actress Kiara. In an endearing message, she poured out her affection, describing Kiara as her “little princess,” “sunshine,” and “bestest friend on the sets of Hi Nanna.

Expressing immense joy in working with Kiara, Thakur highlighted their bonding moments between shots—playing games, teaching dance moves, and introducing new words. She praised Kiara’s demeanor, lauding her as a disciplined, well-behaved, and exceptional actress, acknowledging the influence of her upbringing by Shivani

Overflowing with gratitude, Thakur credited Kiara for teaching her the essence of love and expressed a profound commitment, declaring her desire to cast Kiara in all her future films. She emphasized Kiara’s pivotal role in their shared projects, declaring her the “heart and soul” of their films.

She wrote ‘Happy Birthday my little princess, my

sunshine, my bestest friend on the sets of Hi Nanna. You’re someone I absolutely enjoyed working with, playing games with in between the shots, teach dancing to you, teach you new words. For me, you’re truly a god’s child. You’re so well behaved, disciplined and most importantly, a fantastic actress. I’m so happy to have found a family member on the sets of Hi Nanna. The way you have been brought up by Shivani reflects in how beautiful you’re as a person, You are one of the most beautiful kids I’ve ever met in my life. My heart is so full today on your birthday that I just want to let you know that you’re not just a good baby girl but you’re one of the best actors I have worked with, soo nice, soo expressive, soo obedient, disciplined and hardworking. Thank you so much for coming into my life and teaching me what love is. I love you and I will love you for the rest of my life. PS-I’m going to sign a contract the next time I meet you that I want you in all my films and I can’t wait for the world to witness your beautiful performance. Our film wouldn’t be the same without you, you are the heart and soul of the film. So quickly you came into my life and have been such an integral part of it. I just want to bless you and I want to say that I love you. Thank you for being you, So do not ever ever ever change. Love you Kiara!’

Accompanying her heartfelt words, Thakur shared multiple endearing pictures capturing the warmth of their bond.

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