MLAs Poaching: Accused Arrested Minutes After Released On Bail!

The alleged MLAs poaching row is no less than the Drishyam film. Just like the film the incident is filled with many twists that we did not expect. Right from the cops busting the scam and arresting the accused and sending them to jail there are many twists.

Of late many twists are happening involving the accused. While the SIT is alleging that the accused in the case are suspects and they had a big role in the scam. The three main accused were given bail. However, the happiness of getting bail did not last too long for the accused.

As another big twist, the two accused walked out of the jail with bail only to get arrested again. Minutes after coming out they were arrested by the cops in another case. The development was not expected by anyone including the accused in the case.

Earlier last week the three accused were granted bail in connection with the case. Though the bail was granted on the 1st of this month, the accused could not come out as they failed to meet the conditions mentioned by the High Court to arrange for a personal bond of Rs 3 lakhs and two sureties.

After managing to do so, Ramachandra Bharathi and K. Nanda Kumar walked out of the Chanchalguda Central Prison. Shortly after their release, they were arrested for various violations.

Ramachandra Bharathi was arrested on the charges of having multiple ID cards with different names. It is said that a few cases were registered against him for having multiple PAN, Aadhaar cards, and driving licenses.

Talking about Nanda Kumar, he is having a few cases of cheating others, and based on them he was arrested. Now the two accused are likely to be produced before a court to seek custody for the case investigation.

However, there are also a few doubts about the arrest, and many smell a conspiracy behind it. The two accused getting arrested minutes after coming out of prison is raising many doubts. A few say that this shows the desperacy to see that the accused won’t get bail and stays in the prison.

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