How Media Is Trying To Cover Up Naidu Failures!


Whenever there is a positive development in Andhra Pradesh or a major project is announced, the pro-Chandrababu Naidu media gives a lot of hype to it attributing to his administrative skills and his vast experience in delivering good governance.But when there are any negative developments, the same media blame it on the officials for keeping the chief minister in dark creating embarrassing situation to him. They do not consider it as Naidu’s lack of control over administration or his own failures.

Take for example, the latest controversy over copying of the Telangana government’s data to get good rankings in the Ease of Doing Business.When the Telangana government lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police and wrote a letter to the Centre over copying of its data by the AP government, Naidu sought to refute the allegations saying there was no need for it to copy as it had already got good track record.

His media manager Parakala Prabhakar, too, gave a strong retort. However, when the Telangana government came out with proofs, Naidu government went silent. Now, the pro-Naidu media has started saying that it could be an official goof-up and Naidu might not have any idea about it.

A few days ago, when there was a controversy over demolition of temples in Vijayawada which triggered a major controversy leading to clashes between the TDP and the BJP leaders, the media tried to create the impression that Naidu was not aware of it and it all happened due to over-action of the officials.May be Naidu is really not aware of the happenings in the government as he is too busy touring foreign countries!

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