Manchu & Bhuma Families Rejoice As The Baby Is Named ‘Devasena’!

As we know, talented hero Manchu Manoj married to Bhuma Mounika Reddy in March 2023 and announced their pregnancy earlier this year. They are blessed with a baby girl in April and the couple have officially released the baby pictures. The baby is named ‘Devasena Sobha MM’. The girl was named was Manoj’s mother-in-law and Lord Subramaniam Swamy’s wife with utter delight.

They released an official statement saying, “We are overjoyed to officially introduce our beloved daughter. Devasena Shobha MM, to the world, many of you already know her by her affectionate nickname, MM Puli. As a devotee of lord shiva, we chose her name from his divine family, inspired by Subramaniam Swami’s wife, Devasena. additionally, her middle name, Shobha, is a tribute to my beloved mother-in-law Smt Shobha Nagi Reddy garu, whose blessings and love continue to guide us like a guiding light.”

They added, “Our hearts are full as we watch Dhairav Nagi Reddy, her proud and protective elder brother, shower her with his love and care since before she was born. Shri Bhuma Nagi Reddy garu, my father-in-law, continues to inspire us with his enduring legacy. We are deeply grateful for the continued love, support, and blessings from my parents, shri Mohan Babu garu and smt. Nirmala devi garu, as well as our cherished ancestors, whose wisdom and guidance have brought us to this beautiful moment.”

They went on to say, “We also extend our heartfelt thanks to my sister, Lakshmi manchu, who believed in us and stood with us from the beginning. We are grateful to all our family members, as well as Mounika’s siblings, Akhila Bhuma and Vikyath Bhuma, and her family members, for their unwavering support and love. A special thank you to our friends, the aviators, for their constant encouragement and friendship. Join us in welcoming Devasena Shobha MM, our little miracle, the apple of our eye, and the brightest star in our sky.”

Manoj Kumar has returned to acting. He has several projects in the pre-production phase, and one unannounced crazy action film has already started shooting in full swing. He is working on Teja Sajja’s upcoming action drama too as a villain.

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