Lokesh Frustrated After Jagan Removes His Job!

Ever since CM Jagan removed his job as the Assembly passed a resolution scraping the Legislative Council, former Minister and MLC Nara Lokesh is visibly hurt. Lokesh, who is on the verge of losing his job as MLC, is on a tweeting spree expressing his concern.

Lokesh shot back at Jagan saying that so far 38 bills have been approved by the Council and only two bills required amendments and two bills were referred to the Select Committee. Lokesh strongly defended the council. This is not all. He even demanded CM Jagan to get the resignations of 2 Ministers, 7 MLCs of YCP and 2 TDP MLCs who switched to YCP.

Meanwhile, Lokesh made sarcastic comments on CM Jagan whether he would also scraps the courts that denied him the exemption from personal attendance. Lokesh further rebuked Jagan whether he would scrap “Friday” and issue a GO that the week will only have 6 days instead of existing 7 days. Seeing Lokesh’s comments on Twitter, Twitterati expressed that it is Lokesh who is receiving end with Jagan’s decision to abolish the Council and hence he seems to be getting frustrated.

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